Patriotic Dog, Test 1, Done and Done

Foster the Dog People
I passed my Patriotic Pup Test! Just about did me in.

Carry Me Home
It was unclear from the marching orders that I would be required to walk back to the starting point. This did not take marks off my score.
Emergency Preparedness
I was tested on how well I could interact with others. I was tested on how many times I could get my female to say, “Make America Puppy Again.” Note, I did not freak out, bite anyone however big or small they were, and I made a point of being nice to the people on the sidewalks. The judges were impressed with me. I saw a squadron of pups from the UCLA PAC program, which is like the Ivy League of therapy dogging. The requirements are tough, but someday, someday… I could see myself in that lineup.

Now that my humans know I can handle horses, crowds, and bagpipes without loosing it, I will begin my Level 2 training. My mama in Montana said summer was for lolling about in the grass and pond jumping. This is work. My humans keep talking about, “You’re here for a purpose.” I don’t know how to tell them, “Yeah, my purpose is to be a dog. You be human, I’ll be canine and if by chance you drop a rib my way, I’ll eat it. If not, I’ll steal it.” I have good canine character, but what I’m hearing is “No, you have to go meet other dogs, a lot of other dogs, and you can’t bark at the door, and don’t whine.” They treat me like a toddler, and man I hate toddlers. I am a certified fierce pup princess, and tomorrow I’ll prove it, when I meet the legendary pack leader, Annica Evans. And I get to see my Mac dog, who has an ear infection. 

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